Choosing the Right Veterinarian

This is an article written by a good friend of mine who is a veterinarian:

Developing an excellent working relationship with a vet can be an obstacle for any animal owner. However, it is a special difficulty for the exotic pet owner. The unique pet owner has to find a veterinarian that wants to see their pet, someone who knows something regarding their family pet, and also has the knowledge, equipment, and products to treat their pet.

An interest in exotics doesn’t always equal proficiency in treating them. I claim this from experience, as although I am interested in unique pet dogs, but I have no unique training in treating them clinically. When I was exercising as a vet, besides really regular care, I usually referred exotics to a professional close by. Points could have changed a little bit since I went to college. Yet, during my training, direct exposure to exotics was still really limited although I chose additional exposure to exotic pets in my option of clinical rotations. If in any way feasible, try to find a vet that focuses on exotics and has actually taken specialized training (e.g. a residency in exotic pet medicine or one who is board licensed in an exotic pet specialty).

Such experts could be hard to come by, so your next choice is someone who has a great deal of experience dealing with unique pet dogs. Ask a potential veterinarian regarding their training, qualifications, and memberships in specialized pet organizations. At least, choose a veterinarian with an actual interest in unique types and that wants to find out about them and will certainly speak with an expert when required.

Personal suggestion or word of mouth is possibly one of the most effective way of finding the right veterinarian. Friends, dog breeders, or companies (e.g. the regional herpetological society, other clubs) are good beginning factors. Other areas to locate veterinarians consist of the yellow pages/phone directories (look for clinics that especially say that they deal with exotic pets), the state/provincial veterinary association directory site, or even website that have vet directory sites (including the AAV and ARAV websites). Numerous exotic pet websites have sections where viewers could look for vets that specialize in specific exotic pets.